Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I just keep wanting the 3DS to hurry the fuck up but that will probably never happen. hur hur.

So, hello everyone sorry about the whole being away AGAIN, Christ it's almost like I update as much as VGcats... yeah I was out having a social life for once in a million years which was pretty OK since I mostly just was out screwing around in stores with my friends because we have nothing better to do than that.

So I have been a bit jealous of japans iTunes app selection over ours (only kinda though) since what I saw was definitely relevant to my interests although there's no way that I'd be retarded enough to buy an iPad like some dipshits that I know, but yes yes let us continue on... I don't care how late to the game I am.


I would enjoy having the vocaloid program on the go but so far all I see is just Miku's voice which isn't bad but I'd like a little variety. If you don't know what any of this is you are going to have to look it up yourselves because I don't want to any further than that it's a Voice synthesizer program for windows (maybe mac who knows.)

Taiko no Tatsujin +

I'm just a fan of the series, and if I knew how to get japanese apps to work on my future iPod touch I would be all over these.

and that's all for now.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm stuck baby sitting so I have to make this quick since I'm not too sure if I'm allowed to even use this computer. heh.

I signed up for Colors! for a small program so I can do some arts for the internet on my DSi.

I'm also planning on making various art site profiles so that I may start a portfolio so I can attempt to get commissions Since I'm in need of dire cash at the moment. lewl.

and a song just to make things faster.

Friday, December 10, 2010


sorry I've been gone for such a long while, I've been at my girlfriends house and she doesn't let me do anything if it isn't entertaining. ECKS DEE

so just jam while i muster up something for a future post.

Monday, December 6, 2010

How Dee doo

So, How is everyone?

I was out helping my grandma with house cleaning because she's down and out with the foot surgery which seems pretty lame but then again this grandma is the one I actually like.

I bought my girlfriend a couple games for her iPod touch since she's been without a half decent game for about 5 months give or take 2 weeks and I will say, they're pretty solid and it makes me want to get another one but money man... I got her Street fighter IV which is the only really notable game...

Now I'll say right here that even though the game plays a shit-ton better than I expected it to there's still a bit of buggyness, like earlier today when I tried to get into the training dojo and it crashed on me... that and the fact that I can't play as DeeJay (my favorite character) without playing 3 versus matches against other people.
But otherwise at the moment I am debating whether I should head to work tomorrow, it's a free-schedule job so all I have to do is meet a certain hour limit to get paid and I'm basing it off if I have money for groceries tomorrow.

 thank you for your time, please partake yourself in this...

I've been watching P&SwG leave me alone!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

well fuck...

I'm sick again... And I am really exhausted.

I'll make a real post tomorrow sometime... I threw up a shit ton today and as an after though I thought it would've been cool/funny to record.

but yeah, later fellow stalkers... later.


I lost my ps3 controller, Which is odd because my room is actually very clean... I don't understand how I lost it but yeah, I'll find that shit soon. depending on how tired I am since I didn't get much sleep and am starting to get sick again. FUCK.

I saw some things that I really wanted like normal, thing I can't exactly afford with the little money I make So I was up sitting on the net (Since I watch my moms dogs all day, not very well I guess but hey they like me) and I was just seeing things as to what would make me at least something. mostly clothing sites and junk like zazzle and crap but then I remembered I could draw for "commissions" but then I'd have to make a portfolio and keep like a regular amount of artwork going to the intertubes and shit like that... not to mention furries, if by some odd wind were to be caught there would be hell to pay since I'm not a fan of furries, they creep me the fuck out, that and I don't do anything other than pencil and pen work since I don't have a Tablet to work and practice with... although the thought of making money by drawing did get me to doodle a bit (I didn't scan it) but there was a ton of things about it that made me irked.

So yeah I really wanted to buy 2 DSi's because they seemed pretty bad ass to me:

 I'd get them but they are like $300.00 Each and I only make $250.00 :3c

I also ordered myself an Acekard 2i, and was planning to get a 16 Gig SDHC since they're like $30.00

Also for your time I'll put something dumb.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So I spent like 90% of my day playing video games...

A good portion of it was just AudioSurf and I was going through my Music like normal but, FUCK I SUCK TOTAL SHIT AT THIS GAME.

I don't know why but metal seems to go good with this game. It's odd.

Also I have been planning on getting an AceKard 2i which I shall be getting from RealHotStuff since it's only 18$

I also just got wind that my Keychain Butterfly knives get to me this friday.

Hopefully shit doesn't happen... But yeah... I'm gunna...... g-go... VIDEO GAMES.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Captain Late Post.

Yo everyone,
Yeah it's just me making a late post the day has been kinda busy, I had to run to the Reservation's Tribal Office which isn't exactly far from my house... In fact it's actually about a 4 minute walk away BUT it has been snowing like a crazy motherfucker out (Ice Roads, Wet Snow, etc.,) but I had to pick up my tiny check of $218.00.
Through out the day I've just been out about listening to Apocalyptica which is a very good listen.

But like normal I spent money the instant I had it in my hand because I'm like that... which is a bit startling because I think I already spent at least $40 out of it all, on the first day.

What I bought shall be listed:

1. 1000 DSi points (Yay portable Cave Story)
2. A Set of 12 Key-chain Butterfly Knives (pic below)
3. W.o.W. Vanilla (I gifted it to a bro, but he gave me his BitGamer in exchange.)

Mini Butterfly knives.

I think they're pretty damn cool, I mean they're in no way practical but hell, if I don't like them I know people who would buy them for like $10 a piece.

I have just been so Goddamn happy that I finally got Cave Story on my DSi, I mean I have it on my Wii and Laptop but they aren't as super portable as my DSi but hell the other 2 were free for me.

Yeah... but as a closer for the day there was a "Free Game" on steam it's called King's Bounty: The Legend, I say free in quotation because I don't know if it was actually free, or an error.

Well I'm done for now, no more walls of text to be born, I'll finish it off with a song.