Monday, November 29, 2010

What a break...

Hello all, I'm back from my massive unannounced break which has improved my overall health (just kidding I got sick.) but yeah I still had a good time, what went down overall was basically watching my mom's dogs while she goes out for thanksgiving. so all I did was watch Anime and play various games I got during the Steam Sales all whilst keeping my girlfriend fed (because she can't cook for shit.)

Granted nothing too noteworthy over the time I was Gone had happened, but as I return...


so in commemoration of this joyous occasion I shall put this here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My addiction...

Sorry for such a late post Broski's and Hoeski's, as of late my internet has been chopping in and out due to intense snow starting all of a sudden, which has made one of my worst nightmares (not so much) come true... lack of internet.



But meh it's cool, I actually plan ahead for times like these by getting some of the up-to-date Anime (even though it's mostly MoƩ shit and yet I still watch it.) and get billions of musics to listen upon which has kept me fairly entertained for the past couple of hours, More-so am I glad that the Power did not go out as my weak laptop has a terrible 3 Hour lifespan and I'll say it does not go over well when I lack entertainment during cold weather... but since my net HAS been working for a little bit now, I went and installed Poker Night at The Inventory I played maybe 6 rounds and got myself a terrible streak of "1 Win:5 Losses" but then again... Go figure I'm captain bad luck but a glimmering ray of light for my first win was amazing as I did manage to snag Max's Lugermorph and License to Maim, which I was happy about.

You can see said items in my backpack, My Backpack other than that I've basically confined myself to my room after having a quick visit from my girlfriend during her lunch break.


 I have been planning on getting myself a new Acoustic guitar sometime after I get paid, but since I only get like $252 a month from working as a General Assistance (GA) Worker, so as you can see... it's gotta be cheap, NOT Wal-mart Cheap but... generally cheap like the one I am linking Over thurr <======|||

I don't think it's that bad but it'll be a while until I get a REALLY good one.

With that said I have been listening to two more kinds of music I would Like to learn which honestly are nothing but over the top appealing to me, mostly by sound but hell I can't help it's what I enjoy.

Slap Guitar

Percussive Guitar

all sounds like these are what make me smile, just by how different they are... and that is an overall summary of my day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mic spam

Now I'm gunna tell you, I love mic spam it is beyond funny and I cannot stop enjoying them 12 year old tears, all it does is make me smile.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh god.

So I decided that I wanted to learn Slap Bass because hell... I spend way too much time with my guitar and with that I decided since there's no instrument teachers near me within about 25-50 miles that I would look to the internet to aid me in my quest for musical knowledge and then... just like that my hopes were dashed because of one video.

Granted, that guy is Fucking insane with his shit but still There's no fucking way I'm keeping up with him any time this (or next) lifetime. but still this guy... let's just say it's a little discouraging... I mean BA-DAMN!


Now that I think about it, I totally remember saying that I would post that one guitar that I have but I cannot for the life of me Identify and in hopes see if one of you know what it is.

Full Shot
Brand Icon

No headstock lol
Tuning pegs on body

Ignore the quality of the pictures I took, I used my DSi XL since I lack a real camera, but all I know is the company logo has sine then changed from the one pictured above.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh for christ sake.

So here I am once again here to complain to your eyes while your brain creates a voice for me, let us begin shall we?

see that video? that's my iPod touch 2G i went KAPUT today and it's kinda saddening since I used it everyday... and not for apps, mostly because 3 months into having it my sisters got to it so the bottom half of the screen stopped working so it was in perma lock mode, but I could still use the home button quick command to use it for music... well not anymore.

see this motherfucker? it's the 2010 Platinum status gift from Club Nintendo, I was on the waiting list for one since July 1st and it shipped some time about 2-3 weeks ago... it arrived... My stupid stoner shit of a grandma didn't want to sign for it when it arrived at her house (I was living there before she kicked me out because my mom wouldn't watch my aunties kids... or take them to Florida) so it is currently getting sent back to them and I have no clue as how to tell them it was an error... honestly I think she did it just to spite me because she's like that.

<== and this guy over here? i just got one maybe 3-4 days ago and I'll say... it's pretty cool, poor design for writing but still cool... I've been wanting to flip that mofo all day, only problem?

Heh, forgot it at my girlfriends house which isn't much of a problem at all, I'm just wanting it at the moment.

Also, I do suggest getting one they're actually pretty hardcore (only reason I didn't take a picture of mine was stated up there^^^)

So yeah, as you can tell so far, is that... today once again is not my day and it is actually quite annoying that these things had to ruin my streak of productivity, but hey it's better than nothing right?

Friday, November 12, 2010


I have been Really really busy lately, but I took time out of my day to be a dickhead and play Noby Noby boy.

Take a look.

I'll update y'all when I'm not busy.

also I found my ugly but working practice butterfly knife. it's meh for now.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not in a good mood.

HRMPH well my butterfly knife has broken, not it a REALLY bad way but it's still unusable since it's busted high up on the handle and I really don't have enough money to replace it at the moment.

I am not amused.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nothing good happening today.

now when I say good I mean Interesting... because Sunday is such a boring day with nothing to do other than restring my guitars which is somewhat time consuming I guess but none the less boring.

I may edit this post to show pictures of my Geetars since they're pretty OK

I have:
  1. A blue electric, doesn't exactly say what brand anywhere on the guitar.
  2. Some beat-up vintage Arbor guitar have no idea what model but whatever. [hopefully one of you can identify it.]
  3. A Red Bass that I adore and am glad I got as a gift.
I did have 2 more guitars but I had to sell one [It looked like my blue one but was black and had an internal recording device] and my only acoustic [Just a cheap Rogue Dreadnought but it was a gift from my dad GOD DAMN IT]  was broken by my little fat-shit of a cousin who also broke one of my laptops while I was sleeping.

But enough of my whiny bullshit, I'll show a bit of an update on my progress in minecraft.

I found myself a spawn point/Mini dungeon
My first sighting of pumpkins, I stopped being a pussy

I thought that mushrooms were supposed to be rare?
Unfinished building, the Storage/Bank for just me.

Half finished building, it kinda reminds me of a lighthouse
My long ass bridge to nowhere... YET.

My dude wearing the pumpkin helmet.

And that is the most of my day, but then again it's only like 3:30 so i guess there's not much to talk about anyway. Hopefully my day goes a bit better and becomes eventful, maybe it'll be like yesterday when I found a $20 Bill walking to the store, but one can only hope... but until then.

-- Kichuwa

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Other Video from cell.

Here's another one.
It lacks audio for me so yeah.

Friday, November 5, 2010

an old cellphone video

Just an Old video from my cellphone from a year ago I took while watching my moms dogs for 2 weeks.

I'm aware I sound like a faggot, no need to alert me further.

Edit: re-uploaded since someone couldn't view it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Just showin' off some of my junk in minecraft it's not too impressive but that's mostly because of my massive tower that hits the sky limit.
Actually very big in game about 50 blocks high  
Just a hut.

That be Me Water fountain (first thing I built here)
Some ugly shack I made.

Some other house I decided to build.
My nether portal WAY THE FUCK OVER YONDER.

 Group photo.

That's pretty much it at the moment to busy being frightened by the mobs trying to maul me.

Moosics parte 2 (SHIT VERSION)

So Someone said they wanted to hear my Basically ear rapingly bad songs Even if it was a joke you will now be listening to them for the time being.

I'll start off easy then progressively get worse~ ish

But first, I just had to put this here It's not even part of the collection I just wanted you to hear it.


I actually like that one though.

Find more artists like Nequam Sonitus at Myspace Music

Erm yeah....

uh yeah so you understand what I meant now right?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I have been adoring these songs while my off time from gaming, not my TOPS but they are definitely up there.

and so yeah these song are just orgasmic to me. (you best hope I don't post other music I like it's actually ear-rapingly painful.)

Monday, November 1, 2010


so my costume was destroyed before I could finish it and it was fairly annoying, so yeah I'm already way over it anyway so yeah here a video.