Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nothing good happening today.

now when I say good I mean Interesting... because Sunday is such a boring day with nothing to do other than restring my guitars which is somewhat time consuming I guess but none the less boring.

I may edit this post to show pictures of my Geetars since they're pretty OK

I have:
  1. A blue electric, doesn't exactly say what brand anywhere on the guitar.
  2. Some beat-up vintage Arbor guitar have no idea what model but whatever. [hopefully one of you can identify it.]
  3. A Red Bass that I adore and am glad I got as a gift.
I did have 2 more guitars but I had to sell one [It looked like my blue one but was black and had an internal recording device] and my only acoustic [Just a cheap Rogue Dreadnought but it was a gift from my dad GOD DAMN IT]  was broken by my little fat-shit of a cousin who also broke one of my laptops while I was sleeping.

But enough of my whiny bullshit, I'll show a bit of an update on my progress in minecraft.

I found myself a spawn point/Mini dungeon
My first sighting of pumpkins, I stopped being a pussy

I thought that mushrooms were supposed to be rare?
Unfinished building, the Storage/Bank for just me.

Half finished building, it kinda reminds me of a lighthouse
My long ass bridge to nowhere... YET.

My dude wearing the pumpkin helmet.

And that is the most of my day, but then again it's only like 3:30 so i guess there's not much to talk about anyway. Hopefully my day goes a bit better and becomes eventful, maybe it'll be like yesterday when I found a $20 Bill walking to the store, but one can only hope... but until then.

-- Kichuwa


  1. You've officialy gave me an idea for my blog..

  2. this is one of your better posts imo!

  3. such a good read!
    awesome blog :)

  4. I love finding money. It's like winning the lottery at someone elses expense.

  5. Yeah i remember being mindcraft being really small!

  6. minecraft just exploded, but yea idk i never got real into it

  7. I dunno I've had it since InDev. guess things just get known.

  8. been thinkin about playin this

  9. minecraft is addicting, it's amazing!

  10. hahah minecraft, damn that thing sucks people in!

  11. Minecraft? Never really played it for real.

  12. oh well just slow days, it happens

  13. I got to start playing this game :D

  14. wow, it seems like you're pro at this

  15. I never thought about it that way

  16. Wish I found $20.

    Neat pics btw, minecraft is interesting.

  17. I know so may ppl addicted to the game. Nice post.

  18. This game really looks interesting