Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh for christ sake.

So here I am once again here to complain to your eyes while your brain creates a voice for me, let us begin shall we?

see that video? that's my iPod touch 2G i went KAPUT today and it's kinda saddening since I used it everyday... and not for apps, mostly because 3 months into having it my sisters got to it so the bottom half of the screen stopped working so it was in perma lock mode, but I could still use the home button quick command to use it for music... well not anymore.

see this motherfucker? it's the 2010 Platinum status gift from Club Nintendo, I was on the waiting list for one since July 1st and it shipped some time about 2-3 weeks ago... it arrived... My stupid stoner shit of a grandma didn't want to sign for it when it arrived at her house (I was living there before she kicked me out because my mom wouldn't watch my aunties kids... or take them to Florida) so it is currently getting sent back to them and I have no clue as how to tell them it was an error... honestly I think she did it just to spite me because she's like that.

<== and this guy over here? i just got one maybe 3-4 days ago and I'll say... it's pretty cool, poor design for writing but still cool... I've been wanting to flip that mofo all day, only problem?

Heh, forgot it at my girlfriends house which isn't much of a problem at all, I'm just wanting it at the moment.

Also, I do suggest getting one they're actually pretty hardcore (only reason I didn't take a picture of mine was stated up there^^^)

So yeah, as you can tell so far, is that... today once again is not my day and it is actually quite annoying that these things had to ruin my streak of productivity, but hey it's better than nothing right?


  1. That sucks that thing broke man... Those are still ~$100 just for even an 8 GB on eBay!!

    Crazy right?

  2. Man i hate when things break :(

  3. yeah hardcore as Technomac said...

  4. i loveee your blog,,visit mine..

  5. Sucks about that gift. Hope you get it back!

  6. the baliyo pen thing was the guy.

    and I am aware y'all are being sarcastic about the pen, I honestly got it to flip in public.

    my cop uncle got called in when someone saw me with my practice balisong outside, because it "looked too much like a real one."


  7. nice, looking forward to the next post

  8. this is a good follow up to your last post

  9. very good post thanks for this

  10. woa cool figure! I wish I could have one..