Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh god.

So I decided that I wanted to learn Slap Bass because hell... I spend way too much time with my guitar and with that I decided since there's no instrument teachers near me within about 25-50 miles that I would look to the internet to aid me in my quest for musical knowledge and then... just like that my hopes were dashed because of one video.

Granted, that guy is Fucking insane with his shit but still There's no fucking way I'm keeping up with him any time this (or next) lifetime. but still this guy... let's just say it's a little discouraging... I mean BA-DAMN!


Now that I think about it, I totally remember saying that I would post that one guitar that I have but I cannot for the life of me Identify and in hopes see if one of you know what it is.

Full Shot
Brand Icon

No headstock lol
Tuning pegs on body

Ignore the quality of the pictures I took, I used my DSi XL since I lack a real camera, but all I know is the company logo has sine then changed from the one pictured above.