Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Captain Late Post.

Yo everyone,
Yeah it's just me making a late post the day has been kinda busy, I had to run to the Reservation's Tribal Office which isn't exactly far from my house... In fact it's actually about a 4 minute walk away BUT it has been snowing like a crazy motherfucker out (Ice Roads, Wet Snow, etc.,) but I had to pick up my tiny check of $218.00.
Through out the day I've just been out about listening to Apocalyptica which is a very good listen.

But like normal I spent money the instant I had it in my hand because I'm like that... which is a bit startling because I think I already spent at least $40 out of it all, on the first day.

What I bought shall be listed:

1. 1000 DSi points (Yay portable Cave Story)
2. A Set of 12 Key-chain Butterfly Knives (pic below)
3. W.o.W. Vanilla (I gifted it to a bro, but he gave me his BitGamer in exchange.)

Mini Butterfly knives.

I think they're pretty damn cool, I mean they're in no way practical but hell, if I don't like them I know people who would buy them for like $10 a piece.

I have just been so Goddamn happy that I finally got Cave Story on my DSi, I mean I have it on my Wii and Laptop but they aren't as super portable as my DSi but hell the other 2 were free for me.

Yeah... but as a closer for the day there was a "Free Game" on steam it's called King's Bounty: The Legend, I say free in quotation because I don't know if it was actually free, or an error.

Well I'm done for now, no more walls of text to be born, I'll finish it off with a song.


  1. How is cavestory? I've heard quite a lot about it lately.

  2. It's actually quite good, the soundtrack is great too.

    here check it out.

  3. I so much like this song ! thanks :)

  4. I saw apocalyptica live and they were good until they brought some guy to sing lol