Monday, December 6, 2010

How Dee doo

So, How is everyone?

I was out helping my grandma with house cleaning because she's down and out with the foot surgery which seems pretty lame but then again this grandma is the one I actually like.

I bought my girlfriend a couple games for her iPod touch since she's been without a half decent game for about 5 months give or take 2 weeks and I will say, they're pretty solid and it makes me want to get another one but money man... I got her Street fighter IV which is the only really notable game...

Now I'll say right here that even though the game plays a shit-ton better than I expected it to there's still a bit of buggyness, like earlier today when I tried to get into the training dojo and it crashed on me... that and the fact that I can't play as DeeJay (my favorite character) without playing 3 versus matches against other people.
But otherwise at the moment I am debating whether I should head to work tomorrow, it's a free-schedule job so all I have to do is meet a certain hour limit to get paid and I'm basing it off if I have money for groceries tomorrow.

 thank you for your time, please partake yourself in this...

I've been watching P&SwG leave me alone!


  1. SF IV is awesome, mister. Thanks.

  2. I'm fine, thank you. Haha, great post ^^

  3. street fighter IV is a great game. I made a review some days ago for the iPhone version ;)!