Tuesday, October 26, 2010


   Do you see these two pieces of shit? I now want them for 1 game.

Now honestly I already have a Wii so why do I need these pieces of shit?

No More Fucking Heroes' Paradise... Yeah they it already came out on the Wii but maybe I want them both on my PS3 too (in glorious HD).

you want a source for this? here PSN Blog

granted I already beat the originals and such but still I like collecting things I like even if it's a waste.

sorry I don't have much more to say but I'm all yay about it, now my PS3 will have...



  1. That controller looks like a vibrator.

  2. I think motion controlled games will continue to be a niche market in the longrun.

  3. xbox 360 and kinect are better :p

  4. Dude invest in a 360, they don't get the red ring anymore and you get way more for way cheaper now, and the controllers dont look terribly stupid, in fact, our motion sensor doesn't even HAVE controllers!

  5. Sorry but.. had a 360 hated it (lolredring).

    and pretty much all the games on the 360 are ones I really don't like I've played a ton recently on a friends and still don't get the enjoyment I get with my PS3 or Wii.