Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have been incredibly bored

So I decided to make a doodle not the best quality but meh It was like a minute long doodle.

not exactly sure why I doodled it
but I did.

also I have really been wanting a new butterfly knife lately and I was wondering if This one was any good?
I don't expect any of you to know, but If you do please tell me.

my current one... is a bit lonely ever since the trainer one broke.


 I'm not exactly skilled in the knife manipulation but I do like collecting weapons, like a normal guy I guess...

There's not much else as MY DAY WAS SO FUCKING SLOW

Although... I have been deciding on learning a new song on my guitar or bass, not certain yet but suggestions would definitely be appreciated, mostly because all the music I listen to is basically Stoner Metal/Rock, Trip-Hop, or ChipTune.


  1. thats a pretty good drawing man, how long have you been doing it? My brother has a butterfly knife, they're pretty sweet

  2. I honestly never draw often, but when I do they turn out a bit better than that.

  3. Haha random doodles are the best. Keep at it!

  4. it's soooo sad that butterflies are forbidden here!!!

  5. It really is Chris... it really is.

    I still take them outside Because well... fuck the police.

  6. Sick drawings. I make a stick figure look retarded lol