Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shit I did today.

Well out of boredom I have gone and done some papercraft, only problem is... my printer FUCKING SUCKS, but even then I went ahead and did my damn best at making 2 things.

 *This: the little minecraft dude, Which I have named my "Mini-model" of a Halloween costume, although I may not be able to make due to being unable to acquire a million boxes.


*This: it's a Papercraft mask, Plague Doctor mask to be precise, I honestly would like to have a real one which I found on the net for like $300.00USD~ which is like HOLY SHIT for a mask made of Leather and Brass.


But yeah otherwise today has been a slow day so far. not much to talk about... except it's almost time to acquire more items on TF2 and all that jazz.


  1. o_o That's a lot for a mask that's only made of paper and bronze.. XD